Three Things I would Have Done Differently

Nearing the end of my summer on the Islands, I made a list of things I would have done differently, had I know exactly what to expect.

The nice thing about life though, is that you never know exactly what to expect. And I’m grateful for that. So, I guess that this list is more like suggestions for anyone else who may decide to live in a small trailer for a summer.

3 things I would have done differently

  1. I would have chosen a better “fridge”. Our choice was a MOBICOOL cooler and it turns out I didn’t do enough research before buying. This cooler is terrific for camping trips and has the advantage of being able to plug it into the car while travelling long distances (the Islands are an 18-hour drive from our house). The downside of our cooler is the fact that it is just that, a cooler. It doesn’t maintain a stable temperature but rather cools to 18 degrees below room temperature. During my first week, room temperature was 10 degrees, which means most of my food froze – not super handy. The other downside is there is always a little water that pools in the bottom, which means it’s really important to stack things accordingly. Next time I may opt for a real mini-fridge for the trailer, all the while using my MOBICOOL for the trip there and back. 20160730_150354
  2. I would have bought a heater sooner. So… during the first week on the Islands, it was cold, wet, and dreary. And the Trillium suffered from humidity. I still don’t know why I waited a week to buy a small heater, but I did. However, I will NEVER camp in a trailer again without bringing my heater. The role of a heater is dual: 1) it heats your space and makes you feel happy and 2) it cuts the humidity and makes your sheets/towels/bedding much drier.
  3. I would have had running water in my trailer. The well-loved Trillium that my mom generously lent me has no running water as the system was taken out in order to make more room for family trips when we crammed 4-5 of us in there at once. However, not having running water is a little bit of a drag. At the very least, I would set up a water bin that drains into the sink … next time.

That’s about it. Everything else was quite agreeable and I am globally very proud of how I organized my space. I hope that this post can be of use to future happy campers.


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