Kayaking at Gros-Cap

The reason we’re here this summer: kayaking. Well, actually more like Jérémie’s passion for kayaking!

During the 3 months I have been here, I have been kayaking all of 5 times! The combination of requirements for me to be on the water made it quite difficult to get out very often. Said requirements being :

  1. Jérémie being available (as I am not yet advanced enough to be on my own in a kayak).
  2. Having time off from work.
  3. Good weather – It needs to be not too windy, but also not too rainy or cold (the last two conditions are my own!)

However, I am proud to say that I have learned lots of technique and improved my paddling abilities in the few hours spent on the water. I practiced flipping my kayak and slipping out securely and calmly and then getting back into the kayak with the help of Jérémie (using two recuperation techniques). I have even learned how to get back in to the kayak on my own! In the next week I hope to get a few sessions in and have the techniques required for a level 2 kayak certificate.


Although I haven’t kayaked a lot, I have enjoyed watching Jérémie play in the waves, practice techniques, guide kayak tours and train new kayakers (level 1 and 2).

And of course,  my kayaking years aren’t over, they’re just beginning!


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