A day on Entry Island

Back in mid-July, when my family was visiting, we all visited Entry Island.

Me and the kids

There are a few options for visiting the only Island of the Magdalens that is not attached to the archipel: ferry, zodiac, or helicopter. We chose to take the CTMA Ferry that drops you off at 8:30 AM and picks you up at 4:30 PM, which means we left the mainland (Cap-aux-Meules) at 7:30 AM and got back at 5:30 PM… it made for a pretty big day!

However, I loved it! It was a forced lazy day of walking and wandering and generally enjoying my family.

The first thing to do when you get to Entry Island is climb the Big Hill. It’s quite a climb and I must admit having to stop a few times to catch my breath. We were lucky enough to be there on a gorgeous sunny day wich provided a spectacular view of the rest of the Magdalens. We enjoyed lunch at the top (thanks to the patience of my brother-in-law Eric) and then decided to galavant some more and climb another hill. We even enjoyed balancing atop the marker at the highest point of Big Hill.

Climbing Big Hill on Entry Island
Making lunch at the top of Big Hill

The other activities available on Entry Island include eating ice cream at the local dépanneur, visiting the little museum, and learning about Farmer – the local horse hero!

The book about Farmer the horse

Farmer was a horse born on Entry Island but sold (or lost in a Poker game) during a visit to Grosse-Île during the winter months (when the occupants of Entry Island could travel by horse across the bay due to the ice!). Come spring, Farmer missed Entry Island and his old master terribly and broke out of his pasture, followed the shoreline and returned home after days of walking! At the end of Sandy Hook, Farmer had no choice but to swim across the channel. Farmer became a sort of a hero for this endeavour and was buried in the cemetery, which you can still visit.

There was a children’s book written about it and we got the chance to read it while sipping beer at Brian Josey’s restaurant before boarding the boat for our return.

The boat ride home, we even had live music!!

To finish, if you’re ever visiting the Magdalen Islands for a week or longer, take a trip to Entry Island – it’s worth it.


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